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Photos from Game 1

A Tired Football Player

Posted by: admin | September 5, 2009

Game 1 of 2009 X-League Season (7-52) L

We played the Obic Seagulls yesterday in our first X-League top division game at Chiba Marine Stadium in Makuhari Messe.  For those of you who have never been to the stadium, it is definitely a sight to see.   But as for the game, we were certainly a sight as we got a rear ends handed to us by a very polished Obic Seagulls.   It seemed like every time we turned around, they were scoring on us.

As for yours truly, I saw action in the second half of the game over about 6 defensive series and one play on offense at left tackle.  While my fitness is still lacking and I was able to train decently this past 10 days or so, I was just over powered on the line.  Getting double-teamed by two guys who out weigh me each by at least 10kg is no fun not I kept at it and finally came up with a good play with about 2 minutes left in the game.  Not the way I wanted to start my X-League career but it was a start.

The team also then was able to turn things around about a minute later when we took the ball away on the Seagulls 12 yard line, leading to our only touchdown of the game.  It was definitely a learning game for our team and I think, looking at the overall way the team played, it was a good experience for us.

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Another Season

Well, for those of you who did not know by now, I came out of retirement and am now playing in the Japanese corporate league for the Unisys  Bulls (X-League, top division).   I originally came out of retirement in May but a series of injuries, the pneumonia, and other things kept me a bit quiet until now on the un-retirment.  I also was not able to train the way I wanted to during that time, so I am a bit behind in my fitness.

For those of you who have followed my career over the past 2 plus years, you will know that I have had a few ups and downs during that time, but I am hoping that this time around will be upward from now until the end of the season.  Stay tuned for more to come.

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Posted by: admin | July 1, 2009

A bit of sweating with the old team

I got out this weekend and went to a practice with my old football team.  The Outlaws are still going strong and looking like they might be ready for another season, but for me, it was a chance to get some more practice in before we start up our official fall practices with the Bulls. It was a good practice with the high humidity helping with the sweating yet it was just cool enough to make it bearable.  I am sure any practices from now until September will not be as forgiving in the temperature department.

As to what I am doing still practicing and playing, I have yet to have come out and say it yet, so I will say it now.  “I am officially un-retired for the season!”.  My plan at this point is to play this season with the Unisys Bulls and see what comes at the end of the season.  Being as I will be 45 before the official opening of the season, I suppose this could well be my last season and last un-retirement.

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Pictures from the game

Here are the only pictures we were able to get from the game last week.  All of the others did not come out very well.

Me…  The Unisys Bulls on the sideline at the start of the 2nd half  A Play in the 4th Quarter  A Closeup of a tired warrior

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Another Season, another Game (L 27-14)

Well, I finally stepped off the retirement pad for a bit to play in an Exhibition Game in the X-League division 1 or the X1 as it is known here in Japan.   I have been working out with the Unisys Bulls for the past few weeks with mixed results personally.  Obviously, being as it is early in the year, I am not up to playing speed or strength and I was only too aware of that trying to bust up double teams in the game on Sunday.

I have now stepped up my training again with my sites set on another season in the top league in Japan but obviously, it will take a lot better shape than what I am in now.  So, for all my followers and fans out there, the training hell begins again.

As for the game on Sunday, we played the Bullseyes also of the X1 and lost 27-14.  It is apparent that as a team we still have a ways to go as well.  See you guys next week.   Pictures from the game to come later.

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Posted by: admin | May 31, 2009

Bill the Referee

Having retired from my Tokorozawa Outlaws team, I have been hanging out doing some coaching, taking part in some of the practices and even getting some hitting in.  But this week, I put on the zebra stripes at the request of the head coach of the team for a game, we will classify as Mud Bowl 2009.

Tokorozawa was playing a team from the Collegiate ranks here in Japan as a practice game.  What should have been an easy game for the Outlaws, was made quite difficult by the fact that the ground was muddy, dirt, and sloppy as heck due to the rainy season having set in.

Tokorozawa wound up winning the game in the end, I got some sorely needed running in and it was good to see things from the sideline for a change.  While it was nice not to have to get muddy, I sort of wished I had been out there playing.

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Posted by: admin | May 30, 2009

A tough practice

Well, it is spring once again and after one week of practicing with my team, I decided it was time to go and practice with an X-League team.   The Unisys Bulls are part of the Japan based X-League division 1 and having just gotten the itch to go at it again, I thought I would see what it was about at the invitation of one of their players.

I guess ego is one of the qualities a football player has to have and over the years, I certainly have had a bit of an ego when it came to playing ball.  But as I well know, age has a way of playing denying one with the tools to back up the ego.  I guess I will need another practice or two to decide if I still have to tools to go because I am sure I still have the ego and attitude.

(NO This does not mean I unretired….YET)

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Posted by: admin | April 26, 2009

Did I really retire???

I get asked that many times and probably have answered it a dozen different ways over the past four months.  Unfortunately, I seem not to believe it in my heart.  I went out for practice today with my team.  The first time in four months, snapping the ball, hitting guys and generally showing the young bucks that they had better bring it or the old man would still mess them up.

It was a fun time.  Even the head coach asked me, what I was going to do about half way through and I just looked at him and shrugged.   Of course, the pains I felt when I got home told me exactly why I retired.   Bu then, it was good fun, I got a good workout in, sweated a bit and hopefully lost 1 or 2 kilograms during the workout.

So for those of you who were looking for an update here, well here it is.  I still have my speed but I definately need to get back into the gym this week and quit sitting in front of this computer getting fat.

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Posted by: admin | January 4, 2009

My Final Photograph from Football

Well, my career is coming to a close. Here is a photo of the end of my career in Yokohama Stadium from the old timers game on 23 December 2008.  I wish all my friends who played with me, good luck next season.

Bill Martens Final Football Photo

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